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Basic checklist with taxation related information for Self Managed Superannuation Fund

The list below summarises essential taxation information required for a Superannuation Fund tax lodgment. You should prepare the relevant substantiation documents (preferably in advance of your first appointment with us) and bring them along with you in order to allow our tax agents to quickly estimate the tax claim and lodge the superfund tax return with the ATO.

It is advisable to print out and fill-in the list below, to make sure you did not omit to provide any tax or accounting related documents that may be required for your self managed superannuation fund tax lodgement. You can fax or email this straight to us, or if you prefer you can bring it with you at the time of your appointment.

2011 SMSF Superannuation Fund Tax Return Checklist

Name of Fund:
Contact No:


Relevant Information Tick if available


Bank Statement records

Bank statements from 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009  
Details of all deposits and withdrawals  
All chequebook butts and any deposit books  


Investment records

Annual tax statements for investments in forestry managed schemes  
Off-market transfer forms for in-specie contributions  
Confirmation of purchase in forestry managed investment schemes  
Confirmation of units purchased in managed funds  
Contract notes / settlement statements for any shares purchased  
Distribution statement from trust  
Maturity notices for all term deposits  
Sell notes & settlement statements for shares sold (original contract notes)  
Sell notes for units in managed funds sold (original purchase notes)  
Details of investments acquired from members or their associates  
Details of any other investment assets purchased / sold  
Details of investment in related parties, including any to be received outstanding distributions  
Managed funds distribution statements / annual tax statements / capital gains statements / dividend statements  
Statements of returns of capital (eg, from shares)  
Details of any other income (eg, rental income, etc.)  


Records of contributions received

Employer contributions (eg, salary sacrifice contributions, etc)  
All un-deducted personal contributions  
All contributions where TFN was NOT quoted  
Members' notices stating intention to claim deductions for own personal contributions  
Acknowledgement notices (by trustee to members) confirming receipt of notices for any personal contributions  


Rollover records

All rollovers into the fund  


Insurance Policies records

Members annual life insurance statements  


Records of benefits paid

Members lump sum benefits paid  
Members pensions paid (and copies of PAYG summaries, if applicable)  


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